Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will arrive in stores on November 15th Microsoft announced yesterday that it would be compatible with Kinect. Juarcores Just saw that in the same sentence the words Halo and Kinect to come out into the streets with banners and some – mindful that I will emulate Jimenez Losantos – calling boycotts such as cucumbers.
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So here we all hardcore-gamers who do not, they are very wrong and that there are ways to love and to unite parteojales with a gaming experience profound traditional and possibilities virtually unpublished until now Kinect. And the reason they have not been used so far is as simple as they were very entertaining Urganda copy the possibilities of the Wii and have not spent a single second to imagine better options for motion control knob. They have one year to force us to focus on cucamonas fuss, aimed to spend no sofas, but the tiles, the possibilities have forgotten their own gadget.

But no matter. That is over. Since we have given SDyV five minutes to present our imagination …. drum roll … The five ways in which can be integrated Kinect Anniversary Halo experience to improve the chances of the original Halo. There they go.Throughout history, people have used various objects in ways completely unrelated to its original function. This will have released and vegetables to the stage to show dissent against a dramatic interpretation or spit were launched but not to wet holes to plug ant nests or attacking other drivers. Well, Kinecta is designed for one thing but their usefulness may well be to avoid being disturbed while playing.Thus, before the magic words spoken in our presence, such as “Pepito, to dinner!” Or the hackneyed “It’s three o’clock, the console shuts the fuck up”, simply pull the cable that remains plugged Kinect situate a thud above our heads and soft as a sling in a threatening manner. This technique is most effective if used at the same guttural sounds of the order of “gñeeeeee” or “aaaaaarrrrgh”. Kinect So we can enjoy a few more hours of service and improve the gaming experience.

Kinect do not really know to be used, but beautiful it is. There’s no doubt. But it looks nicer room yet how to distinguish between objects and people around him. Kinecta is more or less like the eye of a Predator but pileup. And but believe me, watch the following video recorded with a night vision camera:

Those spots that you see around the dining room of fellow non-semen (that you see a lot of CSI!) But emits the infrared light qu Microsoft device to identify what is around. Well, now imagine that instead of the device will be identified, directly emits lights of different colors to help in the setting of Halo Anniversary. As an Ambilight TV but the beast, emitting yellow light when you look at the sky, electric lights when you’re in an aircraft …

Now what I think, if the eye is like a Predator Kinect, is the asshole would be a blender?

Kinecta has several holes. Front and rear, to be exact, but we will focus exclusively on the former. What is the purpose? What is it useful if you want to see Kinect or painting?For jobs or to emit light as in the previous course or, by tuning, the modified to add credibility to the gaming experience and we throw things.

For example, electric shock, the kind that give you even if you gustito founded a few neurons (total, you will no longer be an engineer, who cares? One is happier being cortimer). It could also launch scents to enhance the realism and immersion, or smoke to give the feeling that you’re covered. But the truth is that more than one who bought a first batch of Xbox 360 have seen smoke coming from your 360 without Kinect …

One of the functions of Kinecta less has been used so far is the voice recognition.Overall, many will say, see only the Castilian Mexico and I’m from Triana.

Yes, hamijos, but things will change and as announced last E3, Mass Effect 3 will allow us to use your voice to choose in the dialogue, allowing greater comfort if possible at the time of “shadow ”sex scenes that are included in Bioware games …

Now imagine all the possibilities that speech recognition can have on a game like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. And do not be so simple to think about giving voice commands to our teammates because, first, it is already planned and, second, because in Halo team sucks, you are the Master Chief, which part and deals and you do not need to give orders to any shit with you.

Yet these insults so far fell on deaf ears or, at best, in the ears of your brother was going out there, begin to be worth something. These “dwarf, motherfuckers put off in the middle” targeting Grunt Kinect will be collected by and interpreted in such a way that artificial intelligence will make them rethink their strategy and opt for a more measured.The “suputamadre, I Stay out of bullets” could make a teammate came to us with extra ammo. And “I’ll fuck you all fucking bugs” could be interpreted as a song about sex and interracial interspatial by which we would open an Internet Explorer window that allowed us to buy clothes picantuela, preservatives or vinegar that.

Last but not least important, and following the line of point two, you could use one of the classic functions of Kinect smarter. Since time immemorial it has been thought in recognition devices that move the arms apart as throwing a grenade imaginary or intuited how we give certain instructions to the members of our squad.

But from here I urge you to stop thinking of absurdities that tired, not as fun and compelling to learn gestures that cause only stupidity and stupor in those who implement and laughter on several witnesses. We do not have to Adapted Kinect, the gadget suits us. Now think: what gestures usually do while playing?

We could classify the gestures in various types. First would be the physiological, scratching the head can be interpreted as a sign that we dream like close over the eyes or tilt your head sideways. Kinect gestures could be interpreted in such a way to issue a message that in ten minutes the game ends, always taking care of our health. Another classic case is the constant lateral movement and repetitive, that it is a symptom of mental deficiency or a compelling need to urinate, in which case the item is automatically put on hold and Cortana would display saying “Come, go to lend a piss , you hope. ”

Other gestures can be interpreted as social or adjuvants: have a specific role in social relationships or achieve something. For example, we took the hands to the head and threatening to throw down the command could be interpreted as the difficulty level is going slightly too big and reduce automatically. Gestures like making a sausage cut sleeves or aliens, as the symbol of victory or get off the couch with arms raised, mean happiness at the achievement of a target which could be interpreted as Kinect “You’vejuarcore confident and now I’ll give you the ass “, implying that the Covenant would launch the final wave trying to catch us off guard

And other gestures could be interpreted only as threats or taunts and, although not commonly performed while playing – at least if we do with the webcam on and chatting with a colleague – also could be programmed to Kinect for distinguished: talk touching of genitals to Bardem in “Golden Balls”, showing decreases in the ass pants – what is popularly known as bald – or the classic gesture of cutting the neck or tie, which could be interpreted in various ways by a Curran and artificial intelligence we are looking forward to seeing in a game. The machine could interpret threats and mock us in turn, increase the ferocity of the attacks or the difficulty level, or strategic mistakes to go with the “emotions”.

Anyway much time until we see an interpretive theory applied to the game and gestures in addition to the necessary financial investment, the creative and cultural reluctance to avoid any hint of politically incorrect fun you saw reflected in our favorite games. A pity.

And this concludes our Top Five with which we hope to help Microsoft or, what the hell!, At the very Molyneux, to capture ideas for improving their future games. Because the way that they will hardly do more than make us do cucamonas. And, oh hamijos! if we make the assholes we’d become regulars Intereconomia, right?

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